Triage and Proposed migration report 8th November

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Fri Nov 8 12:32:30 UTC 2019

## Triage ##
triage was rather large but normal. I had 28 bugs of which most was
our activity or already under control. A few of them needed a little
helping hand which took me some time, but there is none that was added
to our queues for further action today.

## proposed migration ##
There was much more to do on proposed migration

NSS (merge by Lucas).
- Autopkgtests on notary fail
But those seem to break since almost a month, at least since
golang-github-docker-go-connections/0.4.0-1 ran on 26th October.
Andreas already filed about it
because it was also triggered by a nspr sync.
I was giving it a quick shot with/without the new nss to verify that
it isn't anything introduced by the new nss and updated the bug
- Autopkgtests on openjdk failed as well, but that seemed to be
environment issues, restarted them.

The biggest single junk of work in there still is the postgresql-12 transition.
It was started by some things auto-syncing in and then there wasn't much
choice but to complete it.
I have resolved a bunch of test and build issues over the last two weeks
already. As part of the proposed-migration duty today I re-checked the
overall state of it which has three major elements we need to work on.

1. postgresql-12 (12.0-1 atm)
- Had unsatisfiable depends to its own binaries
  -> got it promoted by Doko on 6th of November
- now blocks on unsatisfiable depends to clang-9 and llvm-9-dev
  - checked dependencies, some binaries of pg-12 shoudl stay in universe
  - once that was clear doko helped again (thanks)
- finally got into autopkg testing, breakage on libdbd-pg-perl and pspg
  - libdbd-pg-perl: ran on old version, started custom test triggers
  - pspg: ran a mix of pg11/pg12 dependencies,  started custom test triggers

Eventually we will need a removal of postgresql-11, but I think we
need postgresql-12 to migrate out of proposed before and then check
if there are any dependencies left.

2. postgresql-common (209 atm)
  - This finally made it into focal-proposed and should have all we need now
  - a lot of breakage on autopkgtests, probably many need custom triggers
  - I analyzed the tests and the majority will just need custom triggers
  - this has to be re-evaluated after those tests have passed (monday?)

3. asyncpg (0.18.3-2 atm)
 - This was FTBFS (already last week - see
 - missing build of python3-asyncpg
 - lacked a postgresql-common updated, fixed in Debian and synced
 - now all is in proposed, retriggered builds
 - since 3rd November it has a "new FTBFS symptom" on top
 - might be not yet PG-12 or py3.8 compatible or both
 - upstream lists [1] fixes for PG12
 - might need to go ahead of Debian to be resolved for now, more on
the linked bug

There are more packages with similar issues that mostly need custom
test triggers. I won't mention all 146 of them here, but if you see some
consider as a starting point adding
and if there is a newer version in proposed that itself to the test triggers.

Among other things I had to syncpackage mediawiki which formerly had
mysql8 related delta. This is now accepted in Debian, so it can be a sync.
@Rbasak this already migrated, but if you want to take a second look
to be sure please feel free.


Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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