Triage report for 2019-11-04 (Monday)

Andreas Hasenack andreas at
Wed Nov 6 21:05:31 UTC 2019

38 bugs to triage

Some worth mentioning:
Old bug, from 2017, got a debdiff for xenial
got an upstream patch and is now actionable, even though bug
reproduction is complicated. But users are willing to help testing.
has patch available and many users seem affected. It's already tagged
server-next. I set priority to "high"
autopkgtest fix for systemd on armhf with nested lxd, affects only the
ubuntu ci. Probably not worth a disco sru on its own, but should
systemd be sru'ed in the future, having this fix would be nice. Fix
was also applied upstream.
Good candidatre for a fix. Patch available, committed upstream,
confirmed by others, has reproduction steps. Was server-next already,
I set the prio to "high".
failing tests with python 3.8 were disabled temporarily. The action
here is to fix them. Triaged, subscribed ubuntu-server, and marked as
mysql upgrade to 8.0 failed to remove a deprecated config option
"query_cache_limit", possibly because it was in one of the other
million mysql config files in /etc/mysql. Tagged with
Another option that was removed from mysql-8. Added
server-triage-discuss to see if we should handle these in a better

I reached my EOD, but I still have these two to look at:
LP: #1673357 - (New)            [munin]          - Munin core plugin
if_ doesn't work
LP: #1799185 - (Triaged)        [spamassassin]   - spamd running with
virtual-config-dir mkdir error

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