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Doug Smythies dsmythies at
Fri Mar 18 02:51:54 UTC 2016

On 2016.03.17 16:48 Peter Matulis wrote:

> Maybe it is time for radical changes.
> We don't get contributions so why are we so concerned about translations?
> Translations of what?

Well, we have been at least been fixing bug reports, and led by Ted Cox,
there was an effort to catch up on bug reports before be needed to split
14.04 out of the trunk branch a few months ago.

So translations of that, such as it is.

Out of the more than 60 languages we publish only 3, French, Russian, and
Italian, keep translations somewhat up to date. We have had comments from
some others that, for serverguide, they prefer English. If we want to toss
translations from the workflow, we should at least solicit input from the 3
that actually translate.

> To be honest, I favour pruning guide to bare essentials,
> changing what's left to Markdown, and going from there.
> Putting it all in a git tree on Launchpad would be but a detail.

I've started making systemd related changes to the trunk serverguide today.
I was going to publish a preliminary (U.S. English only) 16.04 serverguide
on, along with a preliminary (U.S. English only) 16.04
desktop help in the next day or two. Should I hold off?

... Doug

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