Xenial - OpenvSwitch with DPDK binding to 10G NIC, not working...

Martinx - ジェームズ thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 21:17:14 UTC 2016

Hey Christian,

 Nice job on fixing many DPDK package bugs!   :-D

 Replying inline below...

On 9 March 2016 at 04:17, Christian Ehrhardt <
christian.ehrhardt at canonical.com> wrote:

> Thanks Jörg for making Martin and me aware.
> It is kind of a close call, as much of that are new features, but you are
> right - so I'll be moving this to the Ubuntu-sever mailing list.
> @Martin:
> tl;dr -  I suggest the following:
> - you let me know if anything more comes back from the Intel forum post

Absolutely, I'll...

> - short Term I'd ask you to reach out on IRC to me on #ubuntu-server - my
> nick is "cpaelzer" (maybe we find something in an interactive session)

Sounds perfect! I'm there now, "tmartins" nick...

> - somewhen in the next weeks I'll be back at openvswitch-dpdk. I'd invite
> you to a IRC session or a hangout then (let me know what you would prefer
> and I contact you once I'm ready)

That would be awesome!

> Details:
> The vfio-pci fix (and several others) are just waiting for the upload to
> happen, if I don't run into any unexpected running blockers that should be
> today.

Verified, it is working now.

> Please let me know if you run into anything else with DPDK as I want to
> clear as much as possible before release.

After latest release on Xenial, it looks very good! Both UIO and VFIO works
without effort.

I can easily switch between UIO and VFIO, that DPDK shows the NICs being
used as "DPDK-Compatible drivers".

Only OpenvSwitch+DPDK doesn't see any "dpdk0 | dpdk1" devices but, I know
you guys are working into this...

> Please feel free to just directly contact me about it - I'd suggest IRC if
> that work for you.
> We can move things to mailing lists whenever needed/applicable then.

Sounds great!

> Since last week I took a step back and work on more "low level" dpdk
> testing and issues than the full setup with openvswitch-dpdk.
> That helps the overall quality, but means my environment is currently not
> useful to reproduce your case without too much reconfiguration.

That sounds like a good plan, I totally understand that...   =)

> I highly appreciate to have someone in the Community working with me on it.

You can count on me! I'm a big fan of Ubuntu...

I met Mark in Vancouver on OpenStack summit, he is a great guy and it is
easier now to see why Ubuntu is so cool! A lot of amazing people working
here!     ^_^

So I wanted to ask if you could be patient for a few days, once my Env is
> working for openvswitch-dpdk again I'd contact you and we could work
> together comparing what break in your setup.

Of course! I'll be the beta tester.    ;-)

Christian Ehrhardt
> Software Engineer, Ubuntu Server
> Canonical Ltd

Just for the record, we moved this thread to Ubuntu Server, here is the
previous thread on Ubuntu Devel, so, people on Ubuntu Server will
understand what we're talking about:


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