Xenial - OpenvSwitch with DPDK binding to 10G NIC, not working...

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at canonical.com
Wed Mar 9 07:17:14 UTC 2016

Thanks Jörg for making Martin and me aware.
It is kind of a close call, as much of that are new features, but you are
right - so I'll be moving this to the Ubuntu-sever mailing list.

tl;dr -  I suggest the following:
- you let me know if anything more comes back from the Intel forum post
- short Term I'd ask you to reach out on IRC to me on #ubuntu-server - my
nick is "cpaelzer" (maybe we find something in an interactive session)
- somewhen in the next weeks I'll be back at openvswitch-dpdk. I'd invite
you to a IRC session or a hangout then (let me know what you would prefer
and I contact you once I'm ready)

The vfio-pci fix (and several others) are just waiting for the upload to
happen, if I don't run into any unexpected running blockers that should be
Please let me know if you run into anything else with DPDK as I want to
clear as much as possible before release.
Please feel free to just directly contact me about it - I'd suggest IRC if
that work for you.
We can move things to mailing lists whenever needed/applicable then.

Since last week I took a step back and work on more "low level" dpdk
testing and issues than the full setup with openvswitch-dpdk.
That helps the overall quality, but means my environment is currently not
useful to reproduce your case without too much reconfiguration.

I highly appreciate to have someone in the Community working with me on it.
So I wanted to ask if you could be patient for a few days, once my Env is
working for openvswitch-dpdk again I'd contact you and we could work
together comparing what break in your setup.

Christian Ehrhardt
Software Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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