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Martinx - ジェームズ thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 00:56:01 UTC 2016

Hey guys,

 I'm wondering here about what package versions we'll have on Xenial

 So, I'm creating a wish list!    :-P


 - Apt 1.2
 - Linux 4.4 (long term) - confirmed
 - OpenShot 2.0
 - Ansible 2.0
 - Docker 1.10.X - better integrated with Ubuntu and with rolling upgrades
during 16.04 life cycle (like Ubuntu Cloud archive)
 - QEmu 2.5 - Done - With 3D support (specially for Ubuntu Desktop on KVM)!
 - Mesa 11.1 - Done
 - Xen 4.6 - Done!
 - DPDK 2.2 or 2.3 (new 16.04) with Xen support (for ParaVirt DomUs) -
 - Virt-Manager 1.3 and SPICE support (Python 3 deps already in)
 - Libvirt 1.2.21 - Done!
 - Samba 4.3 - Done!
 - SSSD 1.13 - Done!
 - Wireshark 2 (QT based, no GTK)
 - nmap 7
 - InfluxDB 0.9.6 (or newer) - Done!
 - Prometheus Server 0.16 & Node Exporter (0.12)
 - MariaDB 10.1.10 plus better support for it (move it for Main Repo)
 - Vagrant 1.8 - Done - But fully integrated with both KVM/Libvirt and
 - Enlightenment 0.20 & LibEFL 1.16 - https://www.enlightenment.org/download
with Wayland enabled   ;-)
 - Terminology 0.9.1

 - blivet-gui: http://blog.vojtechtrefny.cz/blivet-gui instead of GParted ?

 And why not, new packages (specially more Go projects)? Like:

 - Consul
 - Alertmanager (Prometheus)
 - PromDash (Prometheus)
 - Packer


 - KVM VirtIO Windows Drivers as ISO but, packaged as .deb
 - Xen GPLPV Windows Drivers as ISO but, packaged as .deb
 - Better NodeJS Integration and NPM management
 - More Ruby Gem as Deb packages

 - Bitcoin/Litecoin Electrum Wallet
 - Ethereum and IoT Devices?
 - Bitcoin/Litecoin/Etc integrated with Ubuntu App Store!?

* systemd networkd - drop ifupdowd, please.

LXD fully supported on OpenStack.

** OpenStack hybrid Compute Node that supports KVM and LXD side-by-side.

Perfect IPv6 support! Especially for OpenStack...


 - All Microsoft Open Source projects, .NET (corefx, corectr, etc), Visual
Studio, everything... Kidding...
 - Apple Swift available

 Bug fixes for:

 * Make Linux Kernel more modular (very important and an easy one):

 * ecryptfs-utils does not work with Ubuntu 14.04.3:

 * ubuntu-desktop depends on iBus, which is totally broken:

 * NM disables accept_ra for an IPv6 connection, where it should enable it:

* Impossible to disable IPv6 auto, params "accept_ra & autoconf = 0" have
no effect on VLAN interfaces:

* memcached unable to bind to an ipv6 address:

 - Samba related bugs:

* Samba4 AD DC randomly dies (4.3 might be better, need to put it in prod
and see):

* Samba4, when with 2003 default level, dies when IPv6 is enabled:

 * Samba has a wrong "Dual-Stack" implementation (I think) - (I'll help to
prepare a reproducible procedure):

 * Samba4 get stuck after a server reboot, if IPv6 is enabled:

 - A elegant solution for this:

 * Ubuntu does not honor “ignore-hosts” proxy settings for IPv6:

 This problem is interesting, I think that Ubuntu should provide a way to, *if
the proxy is enabled, do a DNS Look up locally, before querying local
"ignore-hosts" table.* This is specially useful, if for example, you have
an IPv6-Only Ubuntu Desktop, but NEED a Proxy only to browse IPv4 networks.
What I'm trying to do here is to put the Global IPv6 subnet (2000::/3) in
my "ignore-hosts", because I don't need a proxy to reach IPv6 hosts, but,
everything goes to the proxy (because the DNS look up occurs at the Proxy,
and this sucks sometimes). If someone can point me a different solution to
this problem, that would be great!

 Sorry about crossposting...   =P

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