Xenial - OpenvSwitch 2.5 + DPDK 2.2 with VirtIO brings KVM guest connectivity down on all vNICs!

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at canonical.com
Mon Apr 11 08:30:31 UTC 2016

As James and I answered on the Bug, here more of an FYI towards the list.

That "to consume all virtio devices" is a known DPDK .... ummm ... Feature.

Not limited to Openvswitch-DPDK you always have to work with
--pci-blacklist or --pci-whitelist on the EAL options for whatever DPDK
based solution you are using.

See this for EAL parameters in general:

This issue is described more "verbose" in the serverguide section about
DPDK once released for 16.04

Christian Ehrhardt
Software Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

On Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 1:00 AM, Martinx - ジェームズ <thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com>

> Hey guys, Christian, James...
>  Now that I can use OpenvSwitch with DPDK easily on bare-metal host, when
> with ixgbe NIC cars, I know how to give it a try when inside of a KVM Guest.
>  However, it is not working!
>  In fact, soon as I start up openvswitch-dpdk inside of a KVM guest, it
> brings down all the VirtIO NICs! Including non-DPDK NIC VirtIO devices!
>  I can reproduce the problem easily, on two hosts, a Dell server and a
> Macbook Pro, both running Xenial on host and on VM.
>  Also, if DPDK Openvswitch options are enabled on
> /etc/default/openvswitch, soft reboot stops working! Very weird...
> * Launchpad Bug Report:
> - OpenvSwitch with DPDK brings all VirtIO NICs down, software reboot also
> doesn't work:
>  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openvswitch/+bug/1568627
> * Video Bug Report:
> - Xenial with OpenvSwitch + DPDK doesn't work with VirtIO (KVM guest):
>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSBqYUVsO8U
>  IMPORTANT NOTE: I just tried this very same setup, on top of Trusty KVM
> Guest with Linux 4.4 (same Xenial kernel), but with DPDK 2.0 and
> OpenvSwitch 2.4 from Liberty Cloud Archive, and it works (at least, it
> doesn't lose connectivity and soft reboot works too)!
>  So, something is wrong with OpenvSwitch 2.5 when with DPDK 2.2 (Xenial
> Combo).
> Cheers!
> Thiago
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