Xenial - OpenvSwitch 2.5 + DPDK 2.2 with VirtIO brings KVM guest connectivity down on all vNICs!

Martinx - ジェームズ thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 23:00:00 UTC 2016

Hey guys, Christian, James...

 Now that I can use OpenvSwitch with DPDK easily on bare-metal host, when
with ixgbe NIC cars, I know how to give it a try when inside of a KVM Guest.

 However, it is not working!

 In fact, soon as I start up openvswitch-dpdk inside of a KVM guest, it
brings down all the VirtIO NICs! Including non-DPDK NIC VirtIO devices!

 I can reproduce the problem easily, on two hosts, a Dell server and a
Macbook Pro, both running Xenial on host and on VM.

 Also, if DPDK Openvswitch options are enabled on /etc/default/openvswitch,
soft reboot stops working! Very weird...

* Launchpad Bug Report:

- OpenvSwitch with DPDK brings all VirtIO NICs down, software reboot also
doesn't work:


* Video Bug Report:

- Xenial with OpenvSwitch + DPDK doesn't work with VirtIO (KVM guest):


 IMPORTANT NOTE: I just tried this very same setup, on top of Trusty KVM
Guest with Linux 4.4 (same Xenial kernel), but with DPDK 2.0 and
OpenvSwitch 2.4 from Liberty Cloud Archive, and it works (at least, it
doesn't lose connectivity and soft reboot works too)!

 So, something is wrong with OpenvSwitch 2.5 when with DPDK 2.2 (Xenial

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