Server Team 20130903 meeting minutes

Serge Hallyn serge.hallyn at
Thu Sep 5 14:12:26 UTC 2013

The minutes with full irc logs can also be found at

A catchup was planned with percona about making it into saucy.  jamespage
expects to work on it next month, but saucy looks unlikely.

A charm school on how to use charm helpers is coming up this Friday, Sep 6 at

There appear to be more than one nested-kvm bugs.  32-bit userspace in level
1 appears to have been broken for awhile, while 64-bit appears to be a regression
in 3.11 or 3.10.

The bug list is getting out of hand, so everyone is asked to spend some extra
time triaging.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, Sep 10 at 16:00 UTC.

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