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Tue Apr 30 11:22:46 UTC 2013

Hi All,

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Now Raring Ringtail (13.04) is firmly out of the release door, we must
once again begin to switch our attention to the next development
series - which will become 13.10, and is codenamed the Saucy

We experimented with a mid-point virtual UDS during the raring cycle
just gone, and it was a great success.  We will therefore be
conducting this next formal UDS in a similarly virtual manner.

>From the perspective of blueprints, there is very little variance to
that of a previous in-person UDS.  It will be held the week commencing
13th May 2013 - in a pure online/virtual manner. It is useful to
register for the event, even if not planning to attend.  The details
are best described on the dedicated site[0].

There will be two vUDS's during the cycle, to help with greater
collaboration.  This one's primary objective is to set NEW work, with
the next one, being a review and potential course correction on
blueprints - with the expectation that some new variance will be

As with Raring, this is a non-LTS (Long Term Support) release - but it
is the final one before the next scheduled LTS release.  This means
that, in line with Ubuntu's spirit, we want to continue the trend of
strength through innovation but also work on polishing existing
feature set.  This will help to help create a solid base for the next

If you wish to raise a blueprint, I would ask that it is first
submitted to the ubuntu-server at mailing list for
discussion.  Ideally following this abstract example:

To: ubuntu-server at
Subject: [vUDS blueprint 13.10] Scale out 'sl'

I would like to make the popular command line larting
utility fully lart 2.0 compliant, by levering some of
the recent developments in scale out lart technology.

This can be implemented in a number of ways, such as
upstream multi-threading support, xinet or upstart event
based initialisation.  I think it would also be
interesting to explore if 'sl' can be better leveraged
using cloud-init.

Note: I would be willing to volunteer to draft this
blueprint, and potentially work on work items created.

---- Using the following template is also encouraged, as that is what
will be required on the blueprint ----

The quantifiable and “tangible” deliverable
Why are we doing this work.

Be sure to link a persona with a role (ie Andrew is a OpenStack Dev)
State any information that is a prerequisite, needs to be done, or how
development will occur.
Any issues that may block development
Work that is achievable (given current information) for this cycle
Work we know that is not accomplish this cycle
How we know when this feature is complete
What would you say about this when it’s done

To be able to have greater scale out support, there will be two track
leads.  These will be myself (Daviey Walker) and Antonio Rosales.

If you have any questions, or would rather not raise your topic on the
list but would still like it considered for inclusion - please email
Antonio Rosales <antonio.rosales at> & Daviey Walker
(dave.walker at



Kind Regards,

Dave Walker <Dave.Walker at>
Engineering Manager,
Ubuntu Server

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