Ubuntu 12.04 / kvm / convirt can not be installed properly

Thorsten Göllner tg at ovm-group.com
Wed May 9 12:01:06 UTC 2012

> Quoting Thorsten Göllner (tg at ovm-group.com):
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>>      Hi,<br>
>>      <br>
>>      I am working for 3 days on a server installation (12.04) now. I am
>>      using kvm to run virtual machines on my server. I was looking now
>>      for a management tool and tried convirt. After apt-get install
> Can I ask why you chose convirt, rather than the (preferred on ubuntu
> server) libvirt?

I thought, that convirt is a "pure" management tool
(see http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Management_Tools)

But maybe I am wrong ...

Is there another managment tool you can recommend?

>>      convirt I noticed, that the installation process for this package is
>>      broken.<br>
>>      <br>
>>      1) In /etc/convirt/development.ini the administrator password for
>>      mysql ist not set. This can be done manually (<span
>>        style="font-style: italic">sqlalchemy.url=mysql://root:mypassword@localhost:3306/convirt?charset=utf8).<br>
>>        <br>
>>        2) After that I tried to start it (sudo service convirt start)
>>        again. But it failed with respect to the missing database tables.
>>        Database convirt (mysql) is created but is empty.
>>        "dpkg-reconfigure convirt" does not help. I tried convirt_setup
>>        and database was now created properly.<br>
>>        <br>
>>        3) And again I tried to start the service. But now I get an error
>>        like "there is no property for object c" in the log file.<br>
>>        <br>
>>        Any hint for me? Do you need more detailed information?<br>
>>        <br>
>>        Thanks for any help<br>
>>        -Thorsten-<br>
>>      </span>
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