MAAS depends on WOL?

Sherman Boyd sherman.boyd at
Mon Jun 4 15:41:20 UTC 2012

Ahh, OK.  I tried that but I was having some network issues that kept
it from continuing, I thought it was MAAS.   It's working now, thank

I do have a zombie though, I manually added a server with an incorrect
MAC (accidently added my IPMI interface) and now it's stuck on
commissioning and won't let me delete the node.  Any ideas how to get
rid of this?

Zhengpeng & Shake:
I agree with you, IPMI is the way to go.  Compared to WOL, IPMI has a
little feature called "authentication" which is why you don't see WOL
on many servers.

So far I do appreciate the simplicity of the tool, but it's obviously
a minimum viable product ATM.

Best regards,

Sherman Boyd

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