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Fabio T. Leitao fabio.tleitao at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 18:34:59 UTC 2012

Great stuff,

What ever the choice, even if it is to keep MySQL alone, lets remember
MySQL will not be dropped ! Any one would still be able to install the
Oracle GA if they wanted to (from some repository, probably partner, or
even main)

If indeed there is a replacement, I can only talk about what I have
experienced firsthand... it mus have ALL THE SAME COMMANDS AND PARAMETERS
AND DB ENGINES so that every init.d, upstart and shell scripts must work
unware of the change, even the DBA might not be aware of the change unless
he types a $ mysql --version

MariaDB has met those criteria for me.

Other DB engines are welcome frosting in the cake. :)

Yet, at the same time, it MUST BE VERY CLEARLY DOCUMENTED the change
itself, the underlying reazon to do so, the possible good and bad impact
(such as know issues)... it could even explain the alternatives, between
other DBs in the MySQL environment, including the "official" Oracle MySQL
or even PG.

And I am sorry to all PG users, I know its an excelent DB, but no one but
who is not already a PostgreSQL user even consider it as an alternative.

Apple has changed its embended DB from MySQL to PG in the MacOSX Server
when Oracle has purchased SUN. Anyone could still choose to manually
install MySQL (or any other), but it has a caused major issues in their
user base and crippled several programs that were already pretty stable in
the previous release. Not the change of flavors (to PG) but the buggy
implementation of the change and the fact that it was so poorly documented.

Lets try not to repeat their mistakes here.

2012/2/16 Colin Charles <colin at montyprogram.com>

> Hi!
> On 16 Feb 2012, at 17:24, Henrik Ingo wrote:
> > Clearly I was unclear in my previous email. The 2 year support is not
> > true for any of the alternatives. MySQL gives 5 years (and more for
> > customers that pay), Percona trails MySQL so they also end up doing 5
> > years (and more for paying customers). MariaDB also does 5,
> > apparently.
> Oracle supports MySQL for 5 years from date of release commercially. There
> is supposedly only two GA releases supported at any one given time (in
> active support for community use). Of course we have no idea if this is
> true yet or not since 5.1 and 5.5 are still supported. We will know
> "firmly" what their plans are when 5.6 is released. Will it then be that
> 5.1 will drop from active GA support? I have no idea (as I don't work for
> Oracle). Only time can/will tell
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