[debian-mysql] MySQL's future in Debian and Ubuntu

Colin Charles colin at montyprogram.com
Thu Feb 16 02:16:34 UTC 2012


On 13 Feb 2012, at 15:20, Eddie Bachle wrote:

> As Linux gains more public recognition, more and more Windows-only organizations will consider using it as an alternative, especially for their web servers.   This is especially true because of the fact that each of the necessarily main components of a web server exist in Linux in the same form as the do on Windows and often run much better.  Then, the only piece one would need to learn would be the new operating system, not the database, HTTP server, or PHP scripting language software.   However, this is going to be a more difficult proposition if the aforementioned advantage is somewhat eliminated.  Were I to have to tell my boss that we could switch to Ubuntu but it would mean that would need to use a "MySQL compatible" database if we want to use the native database (which we likely would because it's tested to be stable and it is supported by the developers), then she would be much more hesitant.  

I reckon MySQL will always be available -- this discussion is about a supported release, especially from a security POV

> There simply is a much greater sense of trepidation for those who are not significantly Linux savvy if there exists a possibility that they would have to make something work in an unfamiliar environment, especially if it were to happen unexpectedly.  If we ported our www website server over to Ubuntu and then 6 months down the road we were to upgrade our Joomla version and there became an issue with MariaDB because it lacks some MySQL feature that it needs, or even that Joomla would fail to recognize Maria as being equivalent to MySQL at some point, then that would be a huge detraction against switching.  

More and more software out there also state it works with MariaDB. While your particular example of Joomla! doesn't, another popular CMS like Drupal has had MariaDB on its list for quite some time. (see: http://drupal.org/requirements -- "Recommended: MySQL (or an equivalent such as MariaDB)")

> Unless assurances that any software that asks for MySQL will recognize and accept MariaDB equivalents, and that this should always be the case, and that it will retain the stability and recognized benefits of MySQL, I would encourage extreme caution in encouraging a switch.  Linux is beginning to grow into areas it previously didn't reach and bringing a far 

I can totally understand your concern and assure you that MariaDB developers ensure compatibility and treat it as a very high requirement. Backwards compatible is one of our goals and we've never broken that. Extensive testing and QA helps too naturally


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