CLVM expected to work in oneiric?

Dr. Nils Jungclaus Nils.Jungclaus at PerFact.DE
Tue Apr 10 12:04:24 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I am trying to set a cluster using gfs2 with underlying clvm and drbd in 
dual primary mode.
This works fine in principal, but the clvmd seems to have problems:

I always get:

activation/monitoring=0 is incompatible with clustered Volume Group "xyz"

I wanted to start drbd and clvm at boottime. So when I boot the system 
the volume group is not activated and the filesystem not mounted. Even 
worse when I shut down the system: clvm does not deactivate the 
volumegroup and drbd is unable to set the resource to the secondary 
state, resulting in a system hang.

So my question: Is clvm expected to work in oneiric? Or any older 
version? The bug related to this failure seems to be

but it is not actively worked on as it seems.




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