An idea for Ubuntu Server guide: notification for guide's errors

a.grandi at a.grandi at
Fri Sep 2 20:49:52 UTC 2011

Hi all,

most of us at the moment is reviewing the Ubuntu Server documentation,
and following these instructions:
Even if my idea of review is: 1) read to see if there are any typos,
2) verify if all commands, package names ecc... are still the same
I already know I could miss something.

The idea: when a user found a "bug" in the documentation, is there a
way to notify the person who is taking care of that particula chapter?
Here we have a list of people and chapters they're reviewing:
but I cannot find a way to be notified if someone files a bug to the
sections I'm taking care of.

Any idea?

Andrea Grandi - Nokia Qt Ambassador

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