Hardware vs software raid

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at zoet.de
Thu Oct 20 09:08:22 UTC 2011

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Am 20.10.2011 10:47, schrieb Diego Xirinachs:
> Well, in my experience Dell has very good support, and also they
> told me that the raid controller inside the r310 is certified to run
> on red hat and suse, I checked the ubuntu hcl and also found the
> server model listed there.

There is community support for Ubuntu by Dell:

The provided software by Dell runs on every Dell server as far as my
experience goes.

And it really depends not from the Dell server modell if the raid
controller has good support! It depends from the raid controller
modell you use. You can order several different kinds of raid
controllers for every Dell server!

> A little more info, the ubuntu installation I am going to setup here
> will have critical company info so it needs to be fault tolerant,
> which raid array type should I go with? I have used raid 0 in the
> past but people tell me thats not good practice because if a drive
> fails I am screwed. Is this true?

RAID0 has no raid functionality! It is just a bunch of connected disks
without any redundancy. Never use this if for mission critical data!
Never. What other RAID levels you could use, depends (as alwyas) on
what you want to achieve. If you have only 2 or 3 disk you should only
use RAID1, if you have more than 3 disks you could use RAID10, RAID5,
RAID6 and so on. Every RAID type has it's draw backs.

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