Proposal for a Remote Desktop Server.

Marcelo Boveto Shima marceloshima at
Tue May 31 15:19:47 UTC 2011


My name is Marcelo Boveto Shima (
I'm the maintainer of FreeNX-Team (

I was looking at the blueprints and just found that Ubuntu is planning to
use X2go for Remote Desktop. I don't care if it is included in Ubuntu
repository, but for a supported (main) solution there are better choices.

X2go is a fork of NX. ~1 year ago I looked at X2go source and there were
only visual differences about NX sources. So if Ubuntu is planning to
package X2go sources, please consider to use the package nx-x11 from
freenx-team PPA instead of x2goagent, then adapt x2goserver to use
nxagent instead x2goagent.
nx-x11 package is source v3.0 with multiples archives and x2goagent is
just a repackaged nx-x11 and nxagent with some patches applied.

History (you can jump to the proposal)

FreeNX works great but is using a wrong language, it need a replacement:
First I tried NeatX but it was a plain to work with it.
Then X2go, but it was not compatible with Nomachine binary client.
The I wrote TaciX in python, but then I the daemon it in Vala and kept the
shell in python, it was working perfect.
But then I decided to just wait for a solution done right, a solution
based on ConsoleKit (the consolekit multi-seat branch).
But the multi-seat branch was never accepted upstream.


As Ubuntu solution for a Remote Desktop Server I propose is to develop
an new server based on LightDM. Most of the features needed is already
LightDM must be able to run an nxagent-wrapper instead of Xorg and
create a way to the shell to communicate to the nxagent-wrapper.

This is the architecture I used to develop TaciX. TaciX is modular, and have
support for NXClient and RDP.

So I propose LightDM to add Remote Desktop support and I will help to
provide the Shell that communicates to NXClient and a server that accepts
RDP connections.


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