upgrade to natty problems - network down

bill bixby phyremon at yahoo.com
Tue May 31 23:19:31 UTC 2011

OK. Everything pings fine. 
All PCs are in the same workgroup.  
The Windows box has been removed from the network. 
I did specify shares on the other computers just not the one I was sitting at.  
Having everyone set up on the samba server is the tricky part.  How do I do 
I am using the latest version samba, swat, and ubuntu 11.04 and it is limiting 
some of my actions
When I try to map usernames to etc/samba/smbusers it comes up in swat as 
"available = no" instead of what I typed.
So I don't know how to make a user list in this system
There has been one change since my last post - I formated and reinstalled ubuntu 
11 server on my server and samba and swat etc. and now it sees the other linux 
boxes and can access everything fine.  But none of the other machines can.  The 
server is set (in swat) as the master domain, etc.  One problem - apparently - 
was that I was trying to set security = domain for all the machines and that 
wasn't working.  I've changed that now - so they are all set to security = user 
- but other than the ubuntu server none of the boxes can see each other.
Oh - and they are about to fire me - because they want the network running now.  
Don't know what they will do for a network when I'm gone but I guess they figure 
they don't have one anyway



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First thing to do would be to ping the samba server ip address from your client. 

Make sure you have the same workgroup specified on all your ubuntu boxes (on 
Based on that smb.conf you provided there are no shares specified.  Try to make 
a test share that everyone has all permissions on it. Make sure you have some 
users setup on the samba server. 

Hope it helped.  Come back with your results to check your progress. 
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