WebDAV issues

Dirk Deimeke dirk at deimeke.net
Wed May 4 12:20:56 UTC 2011


I have an Apache webserver with the following configuration:

     ServerName server.example.com

     AccessFileName .acl


     # WebDAV
     DavLockDB /srv/dav/lockdb


     Alias /serendipity "/srv/www/webdav"
     <Directory "/srv/www/webdav">
         DAV on
         ForceType text/plain
         Options +Indexes
         AllowOverride None
         AuthType Basic
         AuthName "Serendipity Testblog"
         AuthUserFile /srv/pwd/serendipity
         Require valid-user



The mentioned directory "webdav" contains a .htaccess file coming from  
the application deployed to that directory.

Wenn I try to access files via WebDAV I see an error in the error log like:
[Tue May 03 09:48:02 2011] [error] [client a.b.c.d] client denied by  
server configuration:

Any ideas?

The AccessFileName directive should change the name of the file to  
.acl for the complete VirtualHost and with "AllowOverride None" even  
this one should not be considered.

Thanks a lot for any hint.


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