run our business's mail server (W2003-DOMINO) as a KVM

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Tue Mar 8 19:49:45 UTC 2011

Hi all, 

I posted a small question on #ubuntu-server: I noticed that ubuntu 10.04.2 
LTS has quite old libvirt versions (libvir 0.7.5) which lacks many 
functions, like managedsave or snapshotting.  What's the recommended way 
to get the latest versions there?

<jdepi> ((ubuntu 10.10 has libir 0.8.3 which incorporates snapshotting 

<nijaba> jdepi: first look into backports to see if the version you want 
is there
<jdepi> I'm a little concerned to run critical VMs on a non-LTS version... 
 What is your opinion about this?

<nijaba> jdepi: if it is not, then you have 3 choices: 1-upgrade to 10.10, 
2-wait until next LTS(12.04), 3-Mess around with packages
<nijaba> jdepi: I would have the same concerns as you
<jdepi> thanks :-) but not very comforting

<nijaba> jdepi: but only if I know I won't be upgrading that machine in 
the next 12month
<jdepi> nijaba: i don't quite understand what you want to say?
<nijaba> jdepi: non LTS versions are as stable as LTS ones, they just have 
a shorter life cycle
<jdepi> aha
<jdepi> ok, sorry, of course

<jdepi> nijaba: it's 'just' a VM host, which will run our business's mail 
server (W2003-DOMINO) as a KVM
<nijaba> jdepi: I see...  try to discuss whith hallyn when he is around, 
as he has been doing most of the KVM/qemu maintenance since 10.04
<jdepi> nijaba: thanks, i'll try

Presently, I will  upgrade the VM host to 10.10, since a test machine has 
been doing it's hypervisor job for some weeks without a problem.  I would 
be pleased to get some more remarks from people with more experience then 
mine :-).
The network stack is running on a bridged bond to allow for virtio.

Kind regards,
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