ethernet bonding on 10.04.2 LTS

David Miller david3d at
Mon Mar 7 15:28:59 UTC 2011

On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 6:51 AM, Ruben Laban <r.laban at> wrote:

> This is the new "10.04 and newer" way.
> In order to have the last 3 lines applied, you need to replace the
> ifenslave
> lines with:
> bond-slaves eth0 eth1
Looks like I have a 10.04 server setup the old way but it is working.
Here's my config.

iface eth0 inet manual

iface eth1 inet manual

auto bond0
    iface bond0 inet static
    bond-mode balance-rr
    bond-miimon 100
    up /sbin/ifenslave bond0 eth0 eth1
    down /sbin/ifenslave -d bond0 eth0 eth1

Looking at it appears as
though if you're using the "bond-slaves" method you also no longer need to
have the "iface ethX inet manual" lines.  Is this correct?

I'll have to look into migrating over to the new way in my next maintenance
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