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On 07/29/2011 04:58 PM, Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> Quoting Vincenzo Ciaglia (vincenzo at
>> Hi all,
>> I'm Vincenzo Ciaglia, a GNU/Linux System Administrator from Italy. I'm
> Nice to meet you :)
>> 25 years old and i use GNU/Linux since 2000. In the past i wrote for
>> 6-years on Linux-Magazine Italy and many other magazines about system
>> administration, security and networking topics. I was the founder and
>> the main developer of Linux Netwosix, a GNU/Linux distro for
>> sysadmin-security jobs and i served as SELinux Policy Hacker on Engarde
>> Secure Linux for Guardian Digital, Inc. In 2004, or maybe 2005, i've
> Cool.  In my spare time I've been wanting to work toward getting the
> selinux testsuite running in an unmodified ubuntu server, and also
> noticed some policy shortcomings (i.e. sshd_t).  Maybe we can spend some
> time on that together.  Not looking to supplant apparmor, but options
> are good.
>> already attended an interview for an Ubuntu Server Developer position
>> but unfortunately discarded because "too much security oriented".
>> Actually i'm attending my BS in Computer Science and in the same time
>> working as Linux Sysadmin for a IT Consulting company.
>> In few words, i'd like to start working with you to improve Ubuntu
>> Server.
> Awesome.  Is there a particular set of applications you're interested
> in?

Hi Vincenzo, it seems you have some head start with selinux. However in 
case you're interested to look something else, I'd recommend checking 
out Ensemble
A lot of work is going into refining Ensemble, and I find it extremely 
interesting. I just finished a blog post, which you may find interesting
There's a lot of room for writing tons of Ensemble variables, join in 
#ubuntu-ensemble and everyone in there will be happy to get you kickstarted

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