Paul Schulz paul at
Sat Jan 8 00:47:13 UTC 2011

Hi Mattias,

Can you take a copy of your /etc directory before
  (eg. cp -l /etc /etc.orig)

then run dpkg-reconfigure postfix

Any changes will be reported with:

  diff -Nuar /etc/orig /etc

If there are no changes, then it may be something services not
starting correctly and dpkg-reconfigure triggering a restart of


On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 5:55 AM, mattias <mj at> wrote:
> have anyone this problem
> after every reboot of my server i must run
> dpkg-reconfigure postfix
> to get it recive mails?
> if i not do this
> postfix cant recive mail
> domian not found
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