How to install or mount an appliance?

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Thats exactly why, me neither have never configured either, and the appliance provides web chat, registration, domain configuration with the domain name of my choice, security fixes, etc. In short it provides a better configuration that configuring it myself. Only thing missing would be the AD replication.

Another advantage is that the files on this file server are VERY critical to my company and having a virtual machine separates roles, so if for some reason I screw up I can just delete the VM instead of doing a painfull system troubleshoot.

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Um, why would you want a virtual appliance when Maverick has ejabberd
package? See

Do a sudo apt-get install ejabberd (or use sudo aptitude), and follow
ejabberd's documentation on how to configure

If you want ejabberd to auth against Active Directory, you'll have to
go the LDAP route, and (probably) need to learn how to have OpenLDAP
replicate from AD.

Note: I've never done either (use ejabberd or OpenLDAP), so I can't
guide you further. Sorry.


On 2011-02-11, Diego Xirinachs <dxiri343 at> wrote:
> Dear List,
> I have a File server running ubuntu server 10.04 LTS, and I was running and
> OpenFire server (jabber messenger service) on top of a windows server
> machine. Openfire is crashing a lot so I decided to go a different way and
> try a new software, then I found an appliance called ejabberd (you can find
> it HERE <>)
> What I want to do is to mount that virtual appliance on my file server, so I
> dont have to mess around installing everything needed to run the jabber
> messenger.
> How can I mount the appliance if the server is command line only?
> I have never done this kind of stuff so I am a little lost.
> I guess I would have to install a virtual machine that can handle the
> appliance of course, but the one I know (VirtualBox) I think its GUI only.
> One last thing: Can I make ejabberd users to authenticate against Active
> Directory?
> Any light on this will be greatly appreciated
> --
> X1R1

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