How to install or mount an appliance?

Diego Xirinachs dxiri343 at
Thu Feb 10 23:30:40 UTC 2011

Dear List,

I have a File server running ubuntu server 10.04 LTS, and I was running and
OpenFire server (jabber messenger service) on top of a windows server
machine. Openfire is crashing a lot so I decided to go a different way and
try a new software, then I found an appliance called ejabberd (you can find
it HERE <>)

What I want to do is to mount that virtual appliance on my file server, so I
dont have to mess around installing everything needed to run the jabber

How can I mount the appliance if the server is command line only?

I have never done this kind of stuff so I am a little lost.

I guess I would have to install a virtual machine that can handle the
appliance of course, but the one I know (VirtualBox) I think its GUI only.

One last thing: Can I make ejabberd users to authenticate against Active

Any light on this will be greatly appreciated

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