server keeps updating openjdk

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at
Wed Feb 9 16:11:43 UTC 2011

Am Mi, 9.02.2011, 13:41 schrieb Tapas Mishra:
> Ok I have posted this problem here
> and followed completely
> seems it has worked.
> Waiting for the last messages.
> This seems to be a bug in in dbus as explained here
> and a patch here
> but in the patch which one should I install I am not clear with that part.
> What I did to solve this is
> Looking at dbus.postinst, commented
> /var/lib/dpkg/info/dbus.postinst
>  following 2 lines
>  dbus-uuidgen --ensure
>   dbus-send --print-reply --system --type=method_call \
>                 --dest=org.freedesktop.DBus \
>                 / org.freedesktop.DBus.ReloadConfig > /dev/null
> and then dpkg-configure -a
> and aptitude safe-upgrade has gone without any errors.
> It seems a bug in dbus script which is on Lucid 10.04 server editions
> luckily has been fixed.

OK. An error in the post.inst script for dbus. Never thought off that ;-).
But I remember that I sent you very early a message to ask on launchpad.
For errors like launchpad is the best start! Luckily postinst error are
very rare...



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