server keeps updating openjdk

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at
Wed Feb 9 09:55:44 UTC 2011

Am Di, 8.02.2011, 19:38 schrieb Tapas Mishra:
> Michael thanks for your message.I do not want to do any more
> experiment on my system.
> I do have an old backup with all old copies which is about 15-20 days
> old with an old kernel.
> Right now every thing on my server is working perfectly fine.So I am
> taking a strong backup right now.
> Though right now every thing is working very fine.So I do not have any
> plans of any more upgrades.
>  Will restoring the old backup make any sense for my case or should I
> leave it at this stage.

Really no one can answer you that questions for you! It all depends on how
you handle things. If you ask for my personal opinion: I would do
everything to avoid a reinstall of a Unix/Linux server system, that is in
production use. Even writing back old backups. Your problem with the dbus
and kernel packages seems solvable for me. If your server works regardless
of the package problems I would take the time to resolve these problems.

I know you will try to ask me, what you can do ;-). When I have the time I
will post you the corresponding "dpkg -i --forc-XYZ ..." command lines
that might do the trick. But it might be faster if you read something
about the package manager tools aptitude, apt-get and dpkg.


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