[Oneiric-Topic] UEC images / cloud-init improvements

Scott Moser smoser at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 13 16:59:31 UTC 2011

   I'd like to start a thread on the next steps for UEC images and
cloud-init.  I've done a fair amount of work in Natty on both of these
fronts.  Heres a list of items I think could be focused on in 'O'.

 * Documentation
 * OVF support.  Currently what is there is very raw, I'd like to:
   * make sure images are usable by any OVF consuming tool
   * modify the disk format to be something non-VMDK, or improve the
     linux support for VMDK images (kvm).  Right now images are produced
     in vmdk format because it is what vmware and virtual-box support
     reading.  It would be a long term goal to make that something more
   * support network configuration and see if there is some
     common/standard/best-practice ProductSection keys that could be
 * cloud-init
   * support configuration of networking via cloud-config
     this would be useful in OVF or other places, where the metadata
     comes from a non-network source.
   * do better if there is no datasource available, and do not
     require one to always be there

Are there other things that peole think should be done with the UEC
images? or with cloud-init?

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