[Oneiric-Topic] Puppet Integration

Mark Foster mark at foster.cc
Wed Apr 6 16:26:32 UTC 2011

On 04/06/2011 09:03 AM, Serge van Ginderachter wrote:
> On 6 April 2011 17:36, Mark Foster <mark at foster.cc> wrote:
>> It requires manual intervention (editing the /etc/default/puppet file).
>> The irony is that it could be fixed via puppet if it puppet was actually
>> running.
> You might want to first install chef to handle that :-)

This thread is not about chef.

> You still have to install the client, in certain case you might want to push
> a certain base config. So enabling the service at instal time shouldn't be
> that big a deal.
> EIther way, you have to start somewhere before puppet kicks in.

preseed and other methods make it easy to install packages. Editing a
config file is a bit more complex.

The behavior in Hardy LTS was that you installed puppet and it (puppetd)
would run. So this change in behavior qualifies as a regression.

> Besdides, not everybody want the puppet client running by default. Because
> of e.g. memory problems, some people (used to) run it from cron, not as a
> daemon - just giving a counter example.

I'm sure a _majority_ of users do want it to run by default. Certainly
that's what the Hardy users got & thus expected.

If some users don't want it (puppetd) to run in which case they should
not install the puppet package at all, but just puppet-common.

Mark D. Foster <mark at foster.cc>

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