Ubuntu Gateway

Николай Федосов nikolay.fedosov at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 19:16:53 UTC 2011

About hardware...
Standart desktop motherboard with vlan support is enough
Standart processor core2 or amd k10 with 2 cores is enough
Standart 2 SATA harddrives (for software raid 1) is enough
Standart DDR2 memory kit 1 or 2 GBytes is enough
Standart case is enoght (400 W)

I think that the cost of standart non 19-inch's server $500 or less

04.04.2011 10:12, Michael Zoet пишет:
> In a simple office (one server, one internet connection, 10 clients) I
> use arno-iptables. In another network I have 3 firewalls managed with
> FWBuilder (protecting 75 servers reachable on the internet). What
> software you use depends on your demand. You already got some
> suggestions ;-).
> The firewalls do not have a high hardware demand. Normal 19" servers
> with 1 GB Ram or up and a good modern CPU does the job. But you should
> use good  hardware! ( I mean not the cheap one! Invest some money in
> the right hardware and you run your router for a long time!)

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