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Am 04.04.2011 08:31, schrieb Kaushal Shriyan:

> Hi

> I have a 5 Mbps Internet Connection with 100 Users in office.I have
> already a shorewall running on 9.04. Since 9.04 is EOL i am planning
> to upgrade it to 10.04 LTS Please suggest me the best practices of
> setting up gateway/firewall.

Since we do not know your network we can give you only generic advice.

It really depends what is also running on the firewall. If it is only
shorewall than an upgrade should run smothly from 9.04 to 10.04. But
maybe you have to do the update to 9.10 first!

On the shell you can do it with the command


The programm takes you through the update process until you arive on
10.04. I have done this several times since do-release-upgrade was

If you have some complex software (things like LDAP) running on the
router, you should plan your update carefully. And inform your users
that you update! For such updates I take a weekend time, so the office
can work on mondays ;-). And I always have a rescue plan if something
went wrong. But this heavily depends on the network and the software
used in it.

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