[ubuntu-server] Trying Ubuntu Server in Amazon EC2

Dave Walker DaveWalker at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 13 20:49:30 UTC 2010

  On 13/10/10 16:08, Neal McBurnett wrote:
<SNIP good stuff!>
> I wonder if the functionality is in there to restrict usage to members
> of a particular launchpad group.  That would make it usable for a
> large variety of team development situations!  I see that possibility
> mentioned in the TODO, so I'm thinking more about how to use it now :)

We don't *currently* do this, but it would be trivial to add.  The 
openid/SSO process will exchange the public launchpad teams you are a 
member of, if they exist in the awstrial Groups model.

It then requires adding an "allowed groups" to the campaign model, and a 
simple comparison (perhaps in the views.py), something along the lines of:
   if user in campaign.allowed_groups:
       # do /run page
       # not authorized

Hope this helps!

If anybody fancies tackling this, then we'll gladly review any merge 
thrown at us.  If you want some help along the way, feel free to ping 
one of us via IRC or mail. :)

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker

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