Best way to work with files with groups of people

Andy Graybeal andy.graybeal at
Mon Oct 4 17:54:38 UTC 2010

 > Are you sure you're copying the file from the thumb drive, and not
 > moving? mv attempts to preserve the original ACL, if possible. Also, `cp
 > - -P` will attempt to preserve the ACL.
 > That's all I could come up with that might be hindering you. My next
 > step would be to check for evil gnomes, but that may be regional.
 > HTH,
 > Paul

I've been (and my users) have been using nautilus; drag and drop the 
files.. which is a copy (atleast i think).

I've done the copy from gnome-terminal just for testing, and the same 
thing happens, plain cp, no -p.

I don't know :)

I'm thinking about running a script that would change the files to the 
correct permission.. but this seems like a terrible way to go about 
fixing this.

man acl says:
Under "Object Creation and Default ACLs"
      1.   The new object inherits the default ACL of the containing 
directory as its access ACL.

This works great :)

I don't think man acl says anything about copying an object into a 
folder and what should happen to it, if it does I don't understand the 
words it's using.

How do ACL's work when files get copied from somewhere to somewhere else 
(such as my jump drive to my ACL enabled partition)?

Thank you for your consideration Paul. I will be on the lookout for evil 
regional gnomes :)


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