weekly report for server setup

Lorenzo Salvadorini lorenzo.salvadorini at softecspa.it
Fri Nov 5 12:53:06 UTC 2010

> He has asked me to send him a weekly report of this work.
>> I am sys admin guy who understands ssh,telnet,ftp,tftp,TCP
If you have a monitoring system, you could send a periodic report of warning
and criticals alerts. If you don't have it, you could evaluate Ubuntu
Landscape or other monitoring systems "as a service". Some of our customers
asked us a monthly report, we send them a report based on:
1. nagios alert history and availability report
2. pnp4nagios performance graphs
3. security fix made with Ubuntu unattended upgrades
4. list of other packages upgrades
5. statistics from our Trouble Ticket sistem

I remember that monitis.com has a feature to send periodic report, but i've
never used it.

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