Request help in networking with ubuntu..........

Abdul Razzak Razzak at
Sun Apr 11 07:33:36 UTC 2010

Hi Ubuntu,


 Now my boss has asked me to do the following ,I am new bee to Ubuntu I feel
this as turf but I tried searching Google  I found little and confused pls
help me in this.


a)My Boss wants to make Ubuntu Server to able to publish websites but no one
should access it or even get ping response.


b)He also said he would be using windows system for backend of these
websites which should only connect with ubuntu server and not any other
system or even no ping response of it.



 Simple to say Like Microsoft or any other big sites where we can see their
WebPages and ping public ip but cant access their network or system.




With regards

G.Abdul Razzak

Unlimited Innovations


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