Reporting bugs with the Ubuntu EC2 images

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Fri Sep 11 00:45:33 UTC 2009

Background for Marjo and Brian:

We had been tracking bugs relating to our EC2 images on an "ubuntu-on-ec2"
project, and are moving away from that to file them on the appropriate
Ubuntu packages instead, with a tag to group them (very similar to the
migration we did for UNR recently).

On Wed, Sep 09, 2009 at 08:18:09PM -0700, Eric Hammond wrote:
> I used to send folks here to report bugs running Ubuntu on EC2:
> Where should they go in the new bug structure?

Bugs should be reported using the ubuntu-bug tool, following the
instructions at

Bugs should be reported from the running instance where the problem exists
wherever possible, as ubuntu-bug will automatically collect the relevant
information and submit it to Launchpad to aid in diagnosis.

Doing this does not yet automatically tag the bug with ec2-images, but but
this is something we intend to do.

> It seems unlikely that EC2 users will know what package is causing their
> problem.

There is a guide linked from the above which helps identify which package is
at fault.  I don't think it covers EC2-specific infrastructure yet, but it
probably should.

> How do I find all bugs tagged with "ec2-images' no matter what package
> they are assigned to?  This doesn't work:

> Should all Ubuntu on EC2 bugs be filed against "ubuntu"?

Wherever possible, they should be filed against the appropriate package.  If
that cannot be determined, then filing

> It seems more complicated to have to tell people reporting bugs to open
> the "Extra Options" and add a tag of "ec2-images".

We will make this happen automatically when using ubuntu-bug.  Until then,
it's also possible to craft a +filebug URL which pre-fills the tags field.
I don't have an example to hand, but Brian should be able to help with this.

> Perhaps we should have a wiki page with complete instructions on how to
> file a problem with Ubuntu on EC2 including things like "Report the AMI
> id of the image you are running".

Extending the above resource would be the best way to do this.

 - mdz

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