Upgrade kvm host and guest from 9.4 to 9.10

Valerio Felici valerio at bgweb.it
Mon Nov 23 10:01:32 GMT 2009

Jarl Friis ha scritto:
> Valerio Felici <valerio at bgweb.it> writes:
>> Hi, I'm thinking to upgrade a physical server with a virtual (kvm) one 
>> from jaunty to karmic.
>> Which is best way to do that?
> I just did that using `do-release-upgrade`, even over an ssh
> connection. It nicely informs you that it will open another ssh
> connection on a different port (but you don't have to do anything),
> and you can just say OK and continue the process. Everything worked
> very smoothly. All in all it was a very painless experience.
Many thanks, so is there no difference doing upgrade first in physical
or virtual machine?

A  presto

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