Server Team 20090623 meeting minutes

Lionel Porcheron lionel.porcheron at
Thu Jun 25 12:33:19 UTC 2009


Mathias Gug a écrit :
> ==== DRBD ====
> ivoks send an email [1] with his proposal to move the DRBD module out of the
> kernel tree and use DKMS instead. He also started to work on new drbd packages
> to use dkms.
> ACTION: ivoks to work on providing DRBD package using dkms

Wil this turned into a DKMS only package or more like KVM, modules will
be present in the kernel shipped and the DKMS is more there to help

> ==== Asterisk in Karmic ====
> stgraber reported that the latest stable release of asterisk (1.4) had been
> packaged with dkms and was available from a PPA [4]. However it was noted that
> version 1.6 was available from unstable. mathiaz asked which version should be
> targeted for karmic. The PPA is the latest stable release (1.4), Debian
> unstable has asterisk's next release 1.6. More information is needed from the
> Debian VOIP maintainer team (wrt to supporting dkms) as well as the upstream
> Asterisk team.
> ACTION: jmdault to research which version of asterisk should be in karmic

Speaking as an asterisk user, having 1.6 before the next LTS would be
nice for people to mockup/test.

As I see some interests in asterisk, I would be interested in helping
(but I can't do everything myself) to have security patches more
frequently applied and for example a PPA with latest asterisk for the
last LTS release. Anoybody else interested?



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