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Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online with        
the irc logs here:        

==== DRBD ====

ivoks send an email [1] with his proposal to move the DRBD module out of the
kernel tree and use DKMS instead. He also started to work on new drbd packages
to use dkms.

ACTION: ivoks to work on providing DRBD package using dkms


==== Hadoop packaging ====

ttx looked into the cloudera debian packages. He reported that the main issue
was that it built hadoop from source but that the source contained binary
JARs. These JAR must first be packaged separately.

The list of projects to be packaged are:
* jets3t
* kfs
* xmlenc
* JavaXMLBuilder
* commons-cli: version 2.0

All of the existing packaging work is under the ASL-2 license. The first step
to move things forward is to package the dependencies listed above.

ACTION: ttx to write down his hadoop analysis in a wiki page.

==== Merges ====

mathiaz reminded that the list of outstanding merges in main [2] and universe
[3] is shrinking however there are still a lot of packages left. More help in
merging packages is welcome.


==== Asterisk in Karmic ====

stgraber reported that the latest stable release of asterisk (1.4) had been
packaged with dkms and was available from a PPA [4]. However it was noted that
version 1.6 was available from unstable. mathiaz asked which version should be
targeted for karmic. The PPA is the latest stable release (1.4), Debian
unstable has asterisk's next release 1.6. More information is needed from the
Debian VOIP maintainer team (wrt to supporting dkms) as well as the upstream
Asterisk team.

ACTION: jmdault to research which version of asterisk should be in karmic


==== Discuss idea to add ubuntu-tips on motd ====

nijaba reported that the 7 lines of legal warning in motd could be displayed
only once per admin user. kirkland has some code to handle that situation.
nijaba suggested that given the reclaimed extra space, and in order to provide
visibility to new or important features in Ubuntu Server Edition, we could add
an ubuntu-tips package, installed by default, that would randomly display 2
lines of text at the end of the motd coming from a list of tips placed in a
given directory.

There was some discussion about whether this should be done by default. The
content of the tips was also mentioned: wiki page, package of the day,
fortunes-debian-hints package. The next step would be to come up with a list
of tips that are relevant. Implementation of the integration in Ubuntu Server
can be discussed afterwards.

ACTION: nijaba to start a wiki page with proposed 2 liners.

ACTION: to send the url to the ubuntu-server@ and ask for other input

==== Agree on next meeting date and time ====

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 30th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

Mathias Gug
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