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Hilario J. Montoliu hmontoliu at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 22:30:56 UTC 2009

Daniel Lamb escribió:
> Yeah please do, also can you have a look at my scripts, they are located
> at www.openyourwindows.com/smb-server.html.

Hi Daniel,

I've tried to attach here an example of what I was talking about, but
seems that it cannot be done, so I've created a branch in launchpad so
you can check the code. Sorry for the noise if you recieved duplicated
emails. The files are in:


You can use it freely. It's an example of how do I do my automatic
deploys of LAN DNS servers using Ubuntu 8.04.

The script works as follows:

  python ubuntudns.py configurationfile.cfg

In the folder "ejemplosconfiguracion" you have three examples of scenarios:

  * primarymasterserver.cfg - for a local primary master dns
  * secondarymasterserver.cfg - for a secondary master dns it assumes
the existence of a primary master dns
  * servidorunico.cfg - for a stand alone local dns

All three provide caching nameserver capabilities.

Those configurations were created from the examples in
https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/dns.html so they are for
general purpose

Just edit the config file with the IPs and names of the machines of your
lan (notice that its developed for my implementations which are all for
LANs) and run in a 8.04 server.

Be careful because the script executes the routines coded in
installbind.py which wipes out any previously installed bind9 configuration.

The config file is parsed and the *real* configuration files for bind9
are generated from the templates in bind9templates.py. Just uses the
vaules in the config file and the skeleton in bind9templates.py to
generate the final config files.

It is very simple; if you prefer to code in bash instead of python, the
principle of the way I do it is so simple that can be achieved with
heredocuments as templates (ie)

I've used this script in several LANs with good results with a
deployment time of a couple of minutes :-)

BTW, sorry for the spanish documentation (comments) but I coded it for
using it myself.


> Regards,
> Daniel*
> *
> Hilario J. Montoliu wrote:
>> Daniel Lamb escribió:
>>> Hi,
>>> About 6 months ago I wrote a script which installs a ubuntu server
>>> with groupware, file shares, printer shares, dns, dhcp, domain
>>> controller etc, just like a windows 2003 small business server, the
>>> script runs great and I have done a number of installs with it but
>>> currently have to rewrite the conf files for every install if the
>>> domain name, admin and password change along with other small changes
>>> like ip addresses, does anyone have an interest in this and would
>>> they be interested at all to help develop this into something which
>>> works nicely with a script which asks for the answers to questions
>>> relevant to the setup and configures the files automatically?  If not
>>> would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to sort this
>>> myself?
>>> Regards,
>>> Daniel
>> I've done some stuff on automatic deploy of configurations (ie DNS)
>> and my approach is using a configuration file with the parameters I
>> want to use and which I change between installations, a script that
>> interprets that configuration file which using a pool of templates
>> does the work of converting those templates in the final configuration
>> files.
>> If you are interested I can post an example

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