ubuntu sme server

Serge van Ginderachter serge at vanginderachter.be
Wed Jun 3 12:24:08 UTC 2009

2009/6/2 Daniel Lamb <daniel.lamb at openyourwindows.com>:
> About 6 months ago I wrote a script which installs a ubuntu server with
> groupware, file shares, printer shares, dns, dhcp, domain controller etc,
> just like a windows 2003 small business server, the script runs great and I
> have done a number of installs with it but currently have to rewrite the
> conf files for every install if the domain name, admin and password change
> along with other small changes like ip addresses, does anyone have an
> interest in this and would they be interested at all to help develop this
> into something which works nicely with a script which asks for the answers
> to questions relevant to the setup and configures the files automatically?
> If not would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to sort this
> myself?

At a first glance, it seems  a simple recursive in place sed s should
do the trick?

Something like

  find ./files -type d | awk -n1 sed -i s/mydomain.local/realdomain.com/g

     Met vriendelijke groet,

     Serge van Ginderachter

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