bus error when using network services

Jason Joines joines at as.okstate.edu
Mon Jun 1 20:55:37 UTC 2009

      I have a dell 2550 with Ubuntu 7.10.  The data center where it is 
located had to move it so I powered down.  The move just involved 
spinning the rack around and moving it back a few feet, then it was 
plugged back into the same switch port etc.

      When I powered it back up, I couldn't connect to it via SSH but 
could ping it.  I logged into the console and ssh wasn't running, and 
gave the message "bus error" when I tried to start it.  The same thing 
happened for apache2, bacula and postfix.  I also got the "bus error" 
message when I tried to use the host command and when I tried to use the 
ssh client.

      There doesn't seem to be any errors in the logs or dmesg output. 
Any ideas?

Jason Joines

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