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Asunto: Re: Preparing the 2009 edition of the server survey
Fecha: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 13:26:12 +0200
De: Hilario J. Montoliu <hmontoliu at ubuntu.com>
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Para: Nick Barcet <nick.barcet at canonical.com>
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Nick Barcet escribió:
> It's been already almost a year since we started the Ubuntu Server
> Community Survey...  It's now time to prepare for a new edition of it to
> update our data on Ubuntu Server Edition usage.
> If you have a few minutes to review the questions that we asked in the
> last survey and tell us what you think we should change or add, now is
> the time to do it.
> For more info, please have a look at the post I wrote following up
> yesterday's server community meeting:
> http://nicolas.barcet.com/drupal/en/preparing-2009-server-survey
> Thanks for your help,
> Nick

I've found the survey very interesting (I didn't know of prior ubuntu
server surveys).

However, I've missed questions in the survey which are of particular
interest for me (maybe they aren't for ubuntu as a distro). It's asked
if a graphical interface is installed on the servers (which I don't
install) and further questions about a graphical interface. What I miss
(again as a particular interest) is a question about how the CLI session
is used: plain ssh, ssh+screen, ssh+screen-profiles, etc.

Also I miss (besides is somehow asked in «ubuntu-loads: What type of
applications do you have running on your Ubuntu Servers?» a question
about if the admins of ubuntu servers do deploy a local firewall, just
iptables or some flavor of iptables wizard, or (as I do) do they just
relay on the right configuration of the services exposed to the LAN/WAN.

Finally, again for my own interest (maybe this one(s) is(are) too
specific for the survey: which kind of logwatch and/or watchdog tools
(or usage of own scripts) do the admins use to review logs and perform
automatic actions in response of some kind of events.

My two cents

H. Montoliu
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