Newbie JEOS question

Gaute Amundsen gaute at
Sat Feb 14 11:53:15 UTC 2009


We are just about to set up two virtual servers to replace one physical.
Now running Zope, apache, haproxy, varnish, postfix, ++ on quad Xeon 3GHz 12 G 
ram, and often struggling during peak traffic.

We have decided to switch from rhel4 to ubuntu server, and we immediately 
thought jeos 8.04 lts would be the thing, being optimized for VMWare and all.

However the use of the term "virtual appliance" in the marketing materials has 
me slightly worried. To me, that implies small simple and lightweight, which 
these servers will most certainly not be.

Then I was told about a well known company that hosts lots and lots of plone 
servers and are using the plain server version. Reasons unknown.

So what would be your advice here? Is JEOS suitable for a server like this?


Gaute Amundsen

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