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You should see JeOS as the same product as Ubuntu server.
The difference lies mostly in list of packages in the default install, which is the very bare minimum minimorum,
and with a tuned kernel that only contains the base elements needed to run within a virtualized environment.

Check the specs on

I see JeOS as the more proper install media, for virtual servers. After setup, you just add packages and tweak like any other OS, but you start from a more bare OS, which was tuned for the "Virtual Hardware".

In conclusion, I'd say that yes, JeOS in suitable for your need.


 Serge van Ginderachter 

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> Hi
> We are just about to set up two virtual servers to replace one
> physical.
> Now running Zope, apache, haproxy, varnish, postfix, ++ on quad Xeon
> 3GHz 12 G 
> ram, and often struggling during peak traffic.
> We have decided to switch from rhel4 to ubuntu server, and we
> immediately 
> thought jeos 8.04 lts would be the thing, being optimized for VMWare
> and all.
> However the use of the term "virtual appliance" in the marketing
> materials has 
> me slightly worried. To me, that implies small simple and lightweight,
> which 
> these servers will most certainly not be.
> Then I was told about a well known company that hosts lots and lots of
> plone 
> servers and are using the plain server version. Reasons unknown.
> So what would be your advice here? Is JEOS suitable for a server like
> this?
> Regards
> Gaute Amundsen
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