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Well the load isnt that much. The last years nagios was sattled on an Pentium III and did his work. But he will be now replaced by an dual xeon. Several outages was caused by the old maschine. 
I wrote on NagiosCenter (nagcen.sourceforge.net) to be able to show the nagios output of several nagios servers which are seperated in the vlans we use. And i can tell that nagios does not waste many reesources. 

Best wishes

I would be interested in what the load is on the machine running the 
nagios that's monitoring all these servers ;) Just playing around with 
nagios and I would like to know what hardware you need for that many 
service/host monitoring.

ml at johestephan.de wrote:
> Well,
> i'am part of the systemadministrator group at an german research facility. 
Currently there are about 120 Servers and about 600 services which are 
supported for several teams of researchers (according to nagios). Mostly the 
normal stuff i think, LDAP, DNS, Samba, Storage, Mysql, Mail, NIS, webspace and 
ther sould be an ltsp in one rack.
> Most stations running Ubuntu LTS. 4 of the 120 Servers should be Windows i 
guess, 3 of them should be Solaris. Many systems are virtuel under vmware.
> So, really just the normal stuff i think.  
> Best wishes 
> Joerg
> On 08/19/2009 12:13 PM, ml at johestephan.de wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> is just joined the list and thought its a good behaviour to say
>> hello.
>> So hello :-) I've joined the list cause i'am working with ubuntu servers
>> (about 100 i think) and i'am interested in whats going on.
>> So again hello to you all
> Welcome to the list Joerg.
> 100 servers is not a small farm!  I'm sure many of us would love to hear
> more about what you are doing with them (if you are allowed to tell).

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