Permissions on /var/www

Michael S. Mason midnitemac at
Fri Aug 14 21:11:57 UTC 2009

Hello Community Team:

What is the default permissions for /var/www (?)

Should this be set to any of the following:

775= user can exec, read and write, group can exec read and write, and  
all other users can read and execute.
755= same as above, but group can only read and exec.

777= all users on your machine can do anything in files/dirs set with  
this acl. Remember, even if you are the only physical user on the  
machine, all processes (apache, ftpd, postfix, etc) are users on your  
machine and will be able to do bad stuff if 1) the code is buggy and  
happens to try to delete everything, or 2) if the process gets owned  
by evil hacker eddie.


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