CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/re,turn code = -22

Onno Benschop onno at
Tue Apr 14 07:37:30 UTC 2009

Today I received a user report of a missing mounted volume on a server
that had been upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy last week.

It appears that the following /etc/fstab stanza doesn't work any more:
//hostname/share /mnt smbfs username=***,password=***,ip=hostname,ro 0 0

Instead it needs to be:
//hostname/share /mnt smbfs username=***,password***=,ip=,ro 0 0

In addition to this, it appears that smbfs does a fallback if the user
authentication fails, but cifs does not. This means that if
username=foo,password=bar fails, then smbfs tries again with

Is this documented anywhere and did I miss it?

Is this a known "feature"?

Will/Have others upgrading from EOL Gutsy to Hardy see(n) this same problem?

Finally, should I change the stanza to:
//hostname/share /mnt cifs username=***,password***=,ip=,ro 0 0

Onno Benschop

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