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Mon Sep 15 14:11:15 UTC 2008

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Neil Wilson wrote:

| And is there a description anywhere of what these custom components
| do, and why you need them?

Sort of, though documentation is always something that can be improved.

Any package that isn't taken straight from Ubuntu's repositories can be
found at our mini-repository at, and the
corresponding source can be found at New packages
have READMEs in them. For example:

Modified packages, of which there are currently only three (casper,
busybox-initramfs and turnkey-keyring) are also labeled in the package
management system (e.g., casper is versioned 1.131-turnkey+15+g0374506).

We had to modify casper because Ubuntu's casper hardwires various
behaviors that don't need to happen in a server Live CD type scenario
(e.g., X configuration)

Ubuntu's developers did that because currently only Ubuntu runs the
desktop versions (Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu) "live". Ubuntu server can't
run live and doesn't use casper, but TurnKey Linux appliances are mostly
built for server tasks so we had to change that.

The patches to busybox-initramfs change the built busybox configuration
slightly to better serve TurnKey's different usage scenario (compared to

There are a couple of new packages in the appliances as well: we
packages Joomla because nobody else would touch it due to frequent
security issues and we wrote di-live as glue code that would allow
debian-installer to run from a live CD usage scenario without a GUI
(which Ubiquity needs).

This kind of information is something I think might be good to add to
the development wiki, maybe others are interested
in it as well.

If you have other ideas, we'd love to hear about them.

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